As of 1 July 2020, GlueData Services was awarded SAP Gold Service Partner Status. This is an extension to the previously held Silver Service Partner Status and is in addition to the Recognised Expertise Partner status for EIM (Enterprise Information Management) that was awarded to GlueData in 2017.

“We have come a long way and achieved much success, thanks to the commitment of our amazing employees, and the strong partnerships with our customers and consulting partners” states Brett Schreuder.

“Nearly a decade ago, myself and Malan Barnard recognised that data is the glue between system configuration and the processes that make a company profitable, and this was the concept that led to the founding of GlueData. We had a clear vision for the company and our role in the SAP industry and are grateful that South African Customers trusted a fledgling business. From our very first customer, we have aimed to meet and exceed expectations.” says Brett.

Malan and Brett founded GlueData in 2011, and shortly after, hired Ben Strydom as their first employee. Ben is now a key member of the Executive Team, along with Jonathan Leenstra, Paul McCormick, Jaco Boshoff and most recently Etienne Hefer.

“GlueData is a dynamic team, with a common passion for SAP data. We number nearly 70 consultants, working in South Africa and around the globe, and are positioned as market leaders in SAP Data Solutions, Services and Products.” continues Brett

“Our solutions and expertise have matured to cover the SAP Data lifecycle including Data Quality management, Data Migrations & Integrations, with a focus on S/4 HANA and Data Governance. In recent years, we have also started delivering technically complex BI solutions and SAP Data Archiving services. We also have South Africa’s largest team of skilled and experienced SAP MDG (Master Data Governance) consultants and we are seeing growth in the success of this SAP application across many industries” states Malan Barnard.

“We believe our success is due to the fact that we have not diversified outside of the SAP Data arena and remain focussed as a niche solution provider, partnering closely with SAP. This is why it is so rewarding to achieve this highest level of SAP partnership” continues Malan.

 “In addition to our proven solutions, we have launched Version 2 of our cornerstone product SimpleData Management (SDM) and we look forward to sharing our success with the industry as we begin implementing the new version to assist customers improve their data quality throughout the data lifecycle.” states Malan

“Whilst we have invested heavily into building sustainable, efficient and cost-effective solutions and products, the primary factor that has led to our success is the values and culture of the company. The culture is one of knowledge sharing, caring & assisting one another, being passionate about the subject area, and finally, as a result, adding value to our customers and their objectives” concludes Malan.