GlueData, South Africa’s leading SAP Data Solutions company, is opening offices in Europe. “We have enjoyed huge success in South Africa and have run multiple projects internationally since our inception in 2011, but it has always been our vision to be an international company with permanent offices in Europe, America and Asia.  This is the start of that journey for us” states Brett Schreuder, Managing Director of GlueData Services.

GlueData is opening their European office in Belgium, to serve both the European and UK markets which will be run by Jaco Boshoff.

Jaco has incredibly rich and deep experience in SAP and in leading teams and large SAP projects in several countries. He held senior directorship roles in both Deloitte and EY being responsible for clients’ business and solution development, operational management and strategic planning.

Jaco has more than twenty years’ deep technical, functional and client delivery experience on large SAP project transformations in various industry sectors across the globe.   “He is well versed in the core solutions that GlueData offers, having fulfilled leading roles in multiple SAP data migration projects and data quality initiatives. He also has experience in predictive analytics, process automation, business intelligence, SAP authorizations/GRC, GDPR and data governance which form part of our services and body of expertise.” States Brett. 

“What has made GlueData successful, is ‘sticking to our knitting’. We have not deviated from our core focus and intent, which is to improve customers’ data quality through value-driven services & products that enable data migration projects, simplify the governance & management of data, and transform data into business intelligence, so that business processes are optimised & business strategy is realised.” continues Brett.

The strategy for GlueData Europe is aligned to the GlueData philosophy of organic growth.  “We have already started to build a local, experienced team on the ground, and will ensure project delivery via a proven approach, using a combination of on-site and remote work that maximises cost efficiencies.” states Jaco Boshoff, head of GlueData Europe.

GlueData will be working closely with strategic SAP partners across Europe, delivering master data services within their Projects.  The company will also work directly with customers to provide SAP data assessments and roadmaps, SAP MDG implementations and SAP S/4 data migrations. 

“We are also very excited to bring SimpleData Management, our signature data management product to Europe and the UK and we are working with select partners to assist us with sales and implementations of the latest  version which is due for release mid 2020” States Jaco.

Data Assessments and Roadmaps

GlueData’s data assessment approach identifies data quality and/or process issues and potential breaches or gaps that could pose risk to projects or processes. The unique methodology utilises pre-built accelerators to provide a rapid approach that is low cost and insightful.  The mechanisms identified to measure and control data in the assessment can be applied to monitor and control future data solutions and the principles resulting from assessments continuously inform the data strategy and roadmap, with far-reaching impact.

SAP S/4 HANA Data Migration

GlueData has a proven S/4 data migration methodology, approach and accelerators that optimise value and delivery. Senior Migration Consultants and Migration Leads are brought onto the project at the right time to drive the planning, strategy, scope and design of the data migration.  Once this is bedded down, GlueData engages their Support and Development Centre, based in South Africa to deliver on migration job developments.  This will bring South African rates to a European market, making the offering cost effective and highly competitive.

SAP MDG Implementations

GlueData SAP MDG implementations will be run on a proven sprint methodology, where the customer is exposed to the application early on and the build takes place rapidly. SAP MDG can be a complicated implementation, so GlueData advocates starting simple, allowing the customer to enhance the solution requirement as they mature with their growing application knowledge.

SimpleData Management (SDM)

SimpleData Management is GlueData’s signature product, aimed at delivering a configurable solution, that is embedded in the SAP ECC or S/4 system.  SDM uses business rules to provide point-of-entry data management, to assess existing master data quality, and to enable the cleansing of existing data through a structured process with comprehensive reporting and tracking.

“This is a very exciting next step for GlueData, in providing competitive niche services, local consultants and our SDM product to a new market.  We are bringing experienced leadership and rich IP to the market, at costs that challenge European rates.  We look forward to working with our European Partners and Customers in 2020 and long into the future.” Concludes Brett