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Assessments &

Do you have specific pain points in your data and processes?

Our assessments start here and provide rapid, realistic insights and roadmaps for your data quality and governance.

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Migration 2

Migration &

Are you ready for your migration to SAP S/4 HANA?

We are one of a few global SAP  Recognised Expertise Partners and have proven methodologies and robust deliverables to ensure effective data migration and integration.

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Management &

Ongoing data management and governance is the key to quality data, effective processes and realistic business insights that enable the right decisions to maximise profitability and reduce risk.

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Analytics & Business

Our expertise in the data lifecycle which has shown that data managed at source is the right approach.  We focus on strategy, architecture and provisioning of data – the foundation of BI.

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Archiving &

Archiving, the end of life for data, completes the data lifecycle and safeguards the stable performance of the SAP system.

Our methodology includes an assessment, housekeeping and Data Volume Management (DVM).

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SimpleDataManagement is our cornerstone product that enables
a rapid cost effective data management solution.

From validation at point of entry through screen simplification to advanced reporting and data cleansing.

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The Impact of Poor Quality Data

Less than 40 percent of organizations believe the data they generate is relevant to the business strategy. Just over half consider their data to be “clean”, with regard to its consistency and accuracy.

While the vast majority of companies say they have systems in place to check accuracy, less than half use specialized software at the point of capture; fewer use software to clean up after collection. Many still use manual checking to ensure accuracy — surely a bad move when a majority blame human error for the bad data.

Clearly, despite all the investments made in SAP – there has been too little focus on the underlying data itself, and the architecture that gathers, stores, manages and delivers this vital raw material.

Accenture Survey

Poor data quality depletes MILLIONS of dollars annually in wasted resources and expenses on operational inefficiencies, missed sales and unrealized new opportunities.


One company reported that 80% of its ERP helpdesk tickets were related to data quality, where poor data blocked normal business processes.


Introducing SimpleData Management from GlueData

SDM will ultimately become a single solution for integrated data management and data governance.

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How Governed Source Validation assists GDPR/POPI compliance

GDPR and POPI place new emphasis on companies that process personal information. Not only should enterprises know which data they have, they are also required to manage this data in a structured and responsible way.

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GlueData Leads SAP MDG Implementations

GlueData, the specialist SAP Data Solutions company that holds SAP Recognised Expertise accreditation in the area of Enterprise Information Management, is trailblazing in both the South African and international market for the delivery of MDG solutions.

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What our Customers Say

Pick n Pay has recently successfully concluded a project to migrate their Smartshopper loyalty program from an outsourced solution on to the CRM loyalty solution. During implementation, over 12 million customers were moved seamlessly to the new solution allowing Pick n Pay better flexibility and capability to launch additional campaign functionality in the future.

The GlueData team were integral in ensuring the data was transferred seamlessly – which is no mean feat given the scale and the complexity of the operation. The professionalism and positive attitude of the team significantly contributed to the success of the project.

~ Clare Mulliner: PnP Enterprise Programme Manager

GlueData is a dynamic, innovative and highly professional company with exceptional niche skills in data services for ERP systems. They pride themselves in the quality of their work as much as in the quality of data they deliver to their customers. 

They assist companies to not just clean up data but have methodologies, processes and systems, like BRF+, in place to maintain transactional- and master data quality which helps protect the investment in good quality data so critical for any successful enterprise operation.

~ Johan du Plessis
Consol Senior Executive Information Systems and Technology / CIO