SAP Data – validate at point of entry and manage quality with no additional licensing cost

Jun 26, 2017

GlueData Master Data Solutions, the leading SAP Data Solutions company in South Africa has developed multiple methodologies, accelerators and approaches to managing data quality with SAP.

“We have invested heavily in developing and fine tuning our content and approach to enable us to rapidly deliver value to customers, achieving both quick wins and long-term management of data quality.

Our extensive experience and skills have allowed us to leverage standard SAP functionality for the delivery of real benefits to the customer at a fraction of the costs associated with similar solutions. One of our key principles at GlueData is to manage data at source – in our customers’ case, inside SAP using SAP standard modules, rather than duplicating functionality with complex integration” states Malan Barnard, Director at GlueData Master Data Solutions.

The companies’ latest solution, Simple Data Management (SDM), uses SAP Standard functionality to validate master data quality at the point of data entry into SAP ECC 6 or SAP S/4 HANA. In addition, the solution is capable of workflow for the master data creation process, allows for field content to be dynamically derived and provides customers with the ability to fix data errors via exception reporting – all based on business rules. SDM is constantly enhanced from both a scope and functionality perspective to allow customers to control key master data objects across their enterprise. These include master data as materials, retail articles, customers, vendors, pricing conditions, equipment and bill of materials(BOM).

This solution is offered as a turnkey activation using GlueData’s pre-defined business rules repository and functionality that can be tweaked, to assist our customers to manage their master data from the get go. “Ultimately, accurate data means more effective processes which mean a more profitable business. SDM allows the customer to stop the bleeding of poor quality data entering their SAP system, whilst getting data corrected” Continues Malan.

GlueData’s SAP Data Solutions are based on four key pillars: Data Migration, Data Management, Data Integration and Data Governance.  In addition, GlueData’s Support division offers outsourced management and support, including the core areas of Application and Subscription Support.