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SDM Introduction

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Do these problems sound familiar?

  • Consistent re-work of data: -- lack of rules and validation
  • Reports not trusted:  -- poor quality & duplicate data
  • Ineffective Goods Receipt at Warehouse:  -- inconsistent unit of measure
  • Postings to the wrong account: -- incorrect Valuation Class assignment
  • Over-paying suppliers: -- inaccurate pricing conditions

Most sought after data capabilities

  1. Ability to measure & control Governance activities
  2. Reliable, rapid reporting on data quality
  3. Solutions for cleansing existing data
  4. Point-of-entry control

Why Choose SDM?

  • Quick to implement
  • Cost effective software subscription solution
  • Immediately prevents poor quality data from entering the system
  • Uses rules to validate data at point of entry and manage existing data
  • Does not require new in-house skills or knowledge
  • Provides control and reporting immediately
  • Leverages standard SAP functionality
  • Low maintenance
  • No interfaces to SDM
  • Multiple features so you can start with the basics


SDM pricing is calculated by enterprise turnover, rather than record counts.  Licence fees are via a monthly subscription, opt-in model.  You only pay per data object & feature activated and there is a single, once-off activation fee.

Software updates, enhancements and technical support are included in the monthly subscription fee.


Research from Experian shows that inaccurate data has a direct impact on the bottom line of 88% of companies, with the average company losing 12% of its revenue as a result.

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SDM Features & Scope

Improve data quality over time by subscribing to additional features.


  • Valid for any customer using SAP ECC or S/4HANA (1610)
  • Requires ECC 6 EHP 5, NW 7. EHP 2 minimum
  • Basis Team must insert GlueData transport
  • Custom Rules setup Dev system
  • Rules created in BRF+ or in ABAP

Some objects and features may not yet be on the price list.