Data stewardship encompasses a range of practices designed to guarantee that an organisation’s data remains accessible, usable, safe, and trustworthy. It involves overseeing the entire data lifecycle while adhering to an organisation’s established data governance principles. This ensures that data quality and integrity are upheld and promoted at every stage.

At GlueData, we strongly believe that data management should be a simple, business-driven, and integrated solution. That’s why SimpleData Management was created.

Optimising the Data Steward’s Day

SimpleData Management (SDM) is built around you, the data steward, and focuses on simplifying your day-to-day tasks. Unlike most master data management solutions that focus solely on data or reporting, SDM goes beyond by providing a unique perspective into your world as a data steward. Since the application is seamlessly embedded within SAP, you are already familiar with the system, which means you can get up and running with minimal additional training.

SDM brings your role as a data steward to the forefront, providing clarity on reporting structures, field ownership, conditions, and role conformity. By eliminating unnecessary noise, SDM allows you to concentrate on what matters most – “What must I do right now?”

It optimises your productivity, minimises data errors, and empowers you, and others in the organisation, to make informed decisions confidently.

Empowering and Equipping Data Stewards

We understand that empowering you as a data steward is crucial for the success of business operations through your organisation’s master data management. Your role is key to ensuring that data is accurate, reliable, and aligned with organisational goals. SDM empowers you by offering a comprehensive suite of features and functionalities tailored specifically to your needs as a data steward, ensuring you have a better chance of maintaining a culture of high-quality master data throughout its lifecycle.

One standout feature of SDM that empowers you as a data steward is its seamless ability to govern critical business fields directly in SAP. It supports your role by implementing business rule validations and derivations, ensuring that data aligns with predefined rules and processes.

With SDM, you gain a comprehensive overview of your responsibilities through the embedded stewardship environment and visual insights. It offers robust reporting capabilities that provide valuable insights into data ownership, relationships, and conditions.

Moreover, SDM adopts a Data DevOps approach specifically designed to streamline the data cleansing process, addressing one of your key tasks as a data steward. It efficiently identifies and resolves master data exceptions, enabling you to maintain high master data quality standards.

SDM’s systematic resolution of data errors gives you the flexibility to prioritize areas of concern, ensuring a measurable and monitorable cleansing process. By significantly reducing the risk of repeat data errors, SDM improves operational efficiency and enhances your ability to make better-informed decisions in your role as a data steward. The result of this – is Master Data you can trust.

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