Governance & Management

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  • Own specific data objects, fields and their content
  • Provide expertise on owned objects
  • Manage the people, processes and tools that create and maintain master data
  • Exercise disciplines defined by business rules and data standards.
  • Responsible for data quality
  • Owns the "control" activities


  • Protects data and information as an enterprise asset (including archive strategies)
  • Data object agnostic.
  • Measures and monitors compliance to standards and business rules
  • Measures & reports on overall data quality
  • Owns the "govern" activities and decision rights on master data

Migration & Integration

Safely and successfully migrate legacy data to SAP ERP and SAP CRM on SAP HANA or non-HANA.

Accelerate and ensure quality SAP data migration with GlueData’s experience, methodology and tools

Our Migration Team has over 100 years of Data Migration experience

We have delivered 17 SAP Data Migration projects including 5 global projects


Methodology Components:

  • Scoping of data objects and metadata drive priority, sequencing, effort and resourcing
  • Entry and exit criteria for load cycles
  • Reduce risk & improve data quality through staging environment: all data validated with ultimate load rate of 100%
  • Reporting and Governance utilising KPI’s and Stage Gates
  • SAP RDS used as a base and refined to custom requirements

Tools (Automation, Reliability, Repeatability)

  • Data Migration Object Register (DMOR)
  • Field Mapping Document (FMD)
  • List Of Values (LOV) mapping tool which is linked to the SAPtoAPP tool
  • Pre-built best-practices content for over 100 critical master and transactional data objects
  • Business Rules Repository
  • Validation & Reconciliation reports
  • Staging database – pre and post-load validation

Analytics & Business Intelligence


We have significant expertise in the data lifecycle which has shown that data managed at source is the right approach.

We focus on strategy, architecture and provisioning of data – the backend of BI.  If you design and trust the data and information structures upon which you report, the data insights are credible

The front-end doesn’t define the quality and therefore value of the data on the report.

If you understand the provisioning, you understand everything else.  Our “data first” strategy underpin the quality of the insights that can be extracted.

Archiving & ILM

There’s some wisdom behind the phrase “a clean home is a happy home.” The functionality of a home excels within the boundaries of a well-organized space. Similarly, archiving within an SAP system works to organize and optimize system performance while holding onto still vital documentation.

Sarah Frazier Editor, SAP PRESS Rheinwerk Publishing Boston, MA


Support & managed services

  • Global services include after-hours support
  • Client-specific Service Level Agreements are available
  • Best Practice ITSM platform for incident management
  • Proactive, comprehensive expert advice
  • Practical services
  • Solutions optimised to industry standards and best practice


SAP BI Platform

SAP Data Services

SAP Information Steward

SAP Business Intelligence

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