Our Data Assessments provide valuable insight to inform strategic decisions

  • We identify data quality and/or process issues and potential breaches or gaps that could pose risk to projects or processes.
  • We compare assessment results to the desired end-state or goals to develop practical next steps in the Data Strategy.
  • Our unique methodology utilises data templates, rules repositories, pre-built elements and workshop accelerators. Added to this, is our SAP data and industry knowledge.
  • Our accelerated approach is low cost, quick and insightful. It reduces iterations and provides real-time results (Example: dynamic reporting during the workshops).  Final results can be delivered within 2 to 4 weeks.
  • Deliverables are re-usable and provide a high return on investment.  Eg the rules master list can become a single point of control, used for Point or Entry control and data cleansing.

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Benefits of Data Assessment

Make decisions based on facts, not assumptions

Get to grips with varying data sets, complex processes, transformation requirements etc. sooner

Reduce risk to projects before they start

Identify subliminal or underlying issues or Business risks

Immediate approach and steps are better defined and underpinned by common principles

Support Data Governance, Master Data Management & Data Security strategies

Lasting impact

Data Assessment Drivers

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