Business Challenges

  • Projects that run over-budget and overtime
  • Lengthy post-merger integration
  • Poor quality data = Inability to meet compliance requirements, poor user satisfaction and inefficient business processes
  • Untrusted reports, or labour-intensive efforts to create reports outside the system
  • Poor ROI based on suspect data quality

Our Solution

  • Accelerate and ensure quality SAP data migration with GlueData’s expertise, methodology and tools.
  • Over 100 years' combined experience (Industry experts with over 15 years experience)
  • 20+ ERP Migration projects (incl. 5 global companies)
  • S/4 HANA Data Migration experience

GlueData Migration Methodology


GlueData has utilised standard SAP applications and best practice for data migration and enhanced the content to a broader range of industries and data objects. This allows the data migration team to focus more on data content and quality issues as opposed to technical development and challenges.


  • Limit and mitigate risk to the business of cutting over to SAP
  • Provide migrated data for Testing and Go-Live
  • Help the business understand how their Legacy data needs be extracted and transformed to meet the new SAP requirements
  • Collect and collate data rules that can be used for keeping the data clean post Go Live
  • Provide a repeatable process for bulk data creation and changes supporting multiple Mocks, Phased and Big Bang go-live approaches


Best Practice - use of a staging area delivers the following benefits:

  • Allows visibility of data readiness prior data load
  • Improves load rate from a general 60% to 99.9%.
  • Allows rules to be effectively tested in the staging area to ensure quality data is loaded to SAP
  • Allows repeatable mocks \ validation until desired benchmarks are met
  • Provides a platform for standard reconciliation approach
  • Enables stakeholders to make the best decisions off reliable information

Our methodology has been audited and approved by SAP MaxAttention at one of our projects

Data Quality and Management during Migration

Data Migration provides an opportunity to define business rules, clean-up and rationalise data.  Here are our Top 3 tips for managing data during migration:

  1. Implement data quality scorecards at source / staging environment to assist with data clean-up / purification pre-go-live (get clean).  SAP Information Steward (IS) is the recommended application for this.
  2. Implement a master data management and data quality solution to assist with data quality post go-live (stay clean).  This is typically enabled through a combination of SAP MDG and GlueData SDM.
  3. Implement a solution to manage the lifecycle of data.  SAP Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) addresses challenges of legacy system costs / decommissioning, compliance requirements and managing of data volumes, with a combination of processes, policies, software and hardware.

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Data Integration

Data integration works across your organization to support any number and type of queries, from the most granular of questions to the highest overarching concepts.

Remaining competitive — operating more efficiently, cutting costs, and increasing revenues means finding ways to aggregate, analyse, and mobilize data to the fullest extent of its value.

Why Integration?

  • Every data type has its strengths
  • Take advantage of specialized applications
  • Reduce data complexity
  • Increase the value of data through unified systems
  • Make data more available
  • Easy data collaboration
  • Understanding data means smarter business decisions
  • Data integrity
  • Make your data live