How Connected Data Impacts the Bottom Line

Your decisions are only as good as the data that underpins them. Let that sink in for a moment.

Connecting business silos and integrating your data sources, allows you to gain a holistic & complete understanding of your operations, customers, and market trends.

Netflix, as an example, utilised the power of their data to run predictive analysis to learn exactly what their customers are interested in watching, leading it to be one of the top performing streaming services in the world. In an attempt to answer the question “what makes teams effective?” –  Google leveraged data and analytics in their Project Aristotle to identify and replicate the components of high performing teams. 

As elegant as these case studies appear, they could not have been achieved with siloed data sources. Data silos make it difficult to access the information you need, collaboration between departments becomes stifled, automation is fundamentally compromised, and everything is slower than it should be. 

When data is siloed, companies can’t have a 360-degree view of their operations. Meanwhile, connecting business silos has many functional and financial benefits, including an ability to: 

  • Identify patterns
  • Improve customer service and marketing efforts
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Improve risk management
  • Improve compliance with regulations

Before you Integrate.

One of the key factors for successful data integration is the quality of the data. To make informed decisions, companies must have accurate, reliable, and complete data. This means that data needs to be cleaned, validated, and transformed before it can be integrated.

Data integration can be a complex process, and it is important to work with a reputable data integration provider who can help to ensure that the data is of high quality. This will ensure the data is accurate, reliable and complete, which will in turn help to safeguard that decisions are made based on accurate and reliable data.

Why Integrate with GlueData?

At GlueData, we’re incredibly passionate about building and entrenching a culture of quality data for our clients. The best data integration strategies are holistic and incorporate elements of enterprise architecture, analytics, governance, data quality and management.

GlueData has developed proven expertise, frameworks and processes across all of these areas, creating unparalleled value for our clients with solutions that are stable, sustainable and scalable. What sets us apart:

  • Our focus is on integration into, or out of SAP.
  • We’ve aligned ourselves with the SAP integration strategy.
  • Our SAP Data Services team is highly accomplished & certified in the industry.
  • Our methodologies have been meticulously developed, tried, and tested over the years.
  • Our business is built around data, and we are dedicated to providing the best data solutions.
  • We strive to discover synergies between our five core pillars: data governance, migration, archiving, engineering, and integration.
  • With our comprehensive toolset, tried methods, excellent business knowledge and management skills, we are equipped to assist you in achieving success with your integration project.

We’ve helped blue-chip clients around the globe integrate their data and realise the power of connecting business silos through a unified, single language of quality data. Let us help you integrate your data.